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Paul Hammer – Owner, Handyman Matters, NE Columbus

“They gave us a lot of advice with our water claim, they extracted the water and treated the floor boards for mold, it was quick and efficient and they used an all-natural organic product that left the place smelling fresh… I was 100% satisfied and I highly recommend Dry Patrol as an insurance agent… and to anyone that wants an honest claim 100% completely done.”

– Ryanne Kilfian, Smudz Insurance Group

“… We just basically had to take the house down to studs (after a terrible fire)… they (Dry Patrol) came in and treated any lumber in the house to stop any smoke smell (from remaining),  they did an excellent job… What I remember most is, from the initial quote, they were on time, provided a thorough quote, professional… answered any questions… did the job, kept the job clean and.. when they were finished, I was happy, the customer we were rebuilding the house for was happy… I was very impressed… I would definitely recommend them to my friends, family and customers, they did a very very good job!”

– Joe Silvestri, Silvestri Homes

“My experience with Dry Patrol was wonderful, they did such a great job, they were so courteous, they immediately called me back… they were prompt… i just felt really comfortable with them in our home… I would definitely recommend Dry Patrol to my family and friends… one thing that really stood out were their workers… They were courteous, on time, I felt they really had passion for what they do and I really trusted them… I felt they really cared about the job they were providing to us.”

– Kendra from Columbus, Oh

“I am a VERY satisfied customer of dry patrol.  We had water damage in our basement… it was followed by mold.  When Dry Patrol arrived they assessed the damage immediately… they removed drywall… carpeting… trim work everything for me so it could be done efficiently and well.  They laid plastic down… were very good about taking care of our home… The TV had been disconnected, I called them (Dry Patrol) and they even came out immediately and plugged it in. I was donating  furniture… the Salvation Army got it stuck… these two gentlemen from Dry Patrol came and helped with that as well… so you can see this is a company that cares about their customer…”

– Memory from Columbus, OH

“I was amazed with the speed that Dry Patrol responded to my phone call! They were so professional and were just so wonderful to my mom (who is 90) and with me and made sure to walk us through the process… so we were EXTREMELY SATISFIED! – Vicki P.”

“The work they performed was outstanding! I couldn’t ask for anything better… they even offered to come back when we were moving the furniture back in and helped move the furniture back in, they were Great! – Brock M.“

“I am a satisfied customer of Dry Patrol… I used a competitor a few years back… it seemed like they did the job and left and I still had the same carpet I had before they got here,  so I enlisted Dry Patrol to come out and clean my carpet and I am very pleased with it.  They were doing the carpet they would point things out to me that I was not aware of… spots that needed extra treating… actually there was a spot of mold in the house.  They did let me know there is something they can reschedule to do for us.. it was nice of them to point that out to me.  They were very courteous, very helpful and were a great bunch of guys!  They went above and beyond… I have recommended them to family and friends!”

– Brent from Delaware, OH (near Columbus, Ohio)

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