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Sewage Cleanup Columbus, OH

Are you facing a sewage emergency?  Does your home or business property have a broken or leaking sewage pipe? If you’ve recently discovered a leak in your piping, it’s essential to call Dry Patrol for reliable, emergency sewage cleanup service to fix the problem.

Without the assistance of a trained sewage cleanup service, the damage to your home or business could be substantial and you run the risk of sickness due to blackwater bacteria.

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We are your local sewage cleanup professionals. Our team is well-equipped, well-trained, and has the experience necessary to fix your sewage issue, analyze the damage, and make all the necessary repairs to your home or business.

In addition, our sewage cleanup services include:

  • Certified by the IICRC for safe cleanup
  • We are fully licensed and insured technicians
  • Effective sanitizing and cleaning of all surfaces and contaminated belongings
  • Safe disposal of waste and contaminated materials
  • Professional eradication of all parasites, bacteria, mildew, and fungi

Once your property is cleaned, we’ll use advanced deodorization techniques to eradicate bad odors and an army of high-volume fans and dehumidifiers to dry your home.

Why Sewage Flooding is Dangerous

Sewage backup can lead to a variety of unpleasant issues and complications, including:

  • The growth of toxic mold
  • Damage to your flooring
  • Property damage
  • Damage to your furniture
  • The presence of dangerous bacteria
  • Risk of sickness due to mold or bacteria (things such as hepatitis A, encephalitis, E. coli, viruses, and parasitic infection are all risks that arise from blackwater leakage)
  • Having to temporarily move homes or stop business operations
  • Bad odors permeating your space
  • Harm to the environment (blackwater can harm wildlife by contaminating water that animals drink from)

Do Not Attempt Do-It-Yourself Sewage Removal

All of the above-mentioned reasons are why you should never attempt to handle raw sewage cleanup on your own.

With all bio-hazardous spills and substances, an experienced, licensed team should always be called to take care of the issue and to deep clean and repair the damage.

Problems arise when home and business owners attempt to take care of sewage cleanup on their own.

Issues like persistent odor, sickness, floor warping, and property damage may all result from failing to take appropriate action when a sewage leak is identified.

Contact Dry Patrol For Raw Sewage Cleanup

Dry Patrol has been helping Columbus area homeowners and business owners with their emergency sewage cleanup and damage repair needs for many years.

Our goal as a company is to help home and business owners recover from property damage emergencies so that they can have a fully functional space once more.

Our team is flexible, quick to respond to calls, and efficient with every task we undertake. Save yourself from disaster by contacting us today.

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