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Fire Damage Repair & Restoration Service

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Residential Fire damage Restoration – From Our Family To Yours

As a homeowner, experiencing a fire can be a crushing experience. After losing possessions and fearing for your family’s safety, you need a team who can not only clean up the damage, but also be sensitive to what you’re going through.

The team at Dry Patrol is available 24/7 to help assess your fire damage, comfort your family, and begin the restoration process. Fires often lead to smoke and flooding as well, so with Dry Patrol’s comprehensive services, you have one experienced partner who can repair your home from floor to ceiling.

Commercial Fire Damage Restoration – Getting Your Business Up and Running Again

Fires can also be devastating for any business owner or team. In addition to losing inventory and having a damaged building, it often causes displacement for employees and an interruption in business. No matter how minor or significant your fire damage is, we know the top priority is the same: getting back to business as soon as possible. That’s exactly what Dry Patrol helps you do. Our team is available 24/7 to help assess your fire damage and begin the repair process to your business premises.

So, If fire has taken a toll on your building, get in touch with our team for a speedy and professional assistance repairing your building, coordinating insurance coverage (regardless of the provider), and reopening your doors faster.

Why Choose Dry Patrol For Fire Damage Recovery?

Firefighting is in our roots! Dry Patrol was started by a volunteer firefighter, so we understand the emotional trauma that comes along with fires, as well as how to thoroughly contain and repair the damage. After volunteering for over 30 years, our founder transferred his firefighting expertise to Dry Patrol and has been helping Ohio families and business owners restore their property ever since.

Our Fire & Smoke Damage Mitigation Service Includes the Following:

  • Tarping and boardup
  • Smoke and soot damage cleaning
  • Contents cleaning and storage
  • Smoke and soot odor deodorization and removal
  • Carpet cleaning and deodorization
  • Wall and cabinet washing
  • Structural Inspection and Restoration
  • Emergency Corrosion Mitigation

Smoke and Soot Damage Restoration

During and after a fire, smoke and soot can travel throughout an entire home or business, making cleanup challenging. These smoke and soot residues can cause long-term damage if not treated and are the source of lingering odors after a fire.

Smoke and soot damage is a complex mixture of various materials, gasses, and particles from items that have burned. A typical fire will have burned hazardous chemicals from plastics, synthetic fabrics, paint, household cleaning items, vehicles, and even asbestos. Breathing in these chemicals can have adverse effects on your respiratory system and have prolonged damage on your health.

If you have experienced a fire, we may ask the following questions to help determine the extent of smoke and soot damage that may be present:

  • Were any doors to other rooms open when the fire broke out?
  • Was the AC or heat turned on?
  • Were any windows open?
  • When the firefighters came, did they have to cut a hole into your roof?
  • What kind of fire was it (what caused the fire)?
  • Do you or the people living in the home have a chemical sensitivity?

If you have experienced residential or commercial fire damage, contact our team for a helping hand with repairing your home or business, coordinating insurance (no matter who you work with), and getting back to normal life.

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