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Has your Columbus home or business property been exposed to COVID-19 infection and is now no longer safe to inhabit or work in? Or are you looking to take extra precautions to reduce the risk of COVID-19 contaminating your property and putting those close to you at risk of exposure? If so, Dry Patrol of Central Ohio can help address these concerns with our infectious disease cleanup. We provide safe and effective sanitization and disinfection services for residential and commercial property owners in Columbus OH and the surrounding areas to help restore homes and businesses to normal living and operating conditions.

Depending on your situation, Dry Patrol of Central Ohio offers 3 different COVID-19 related sanitizing and disinfecting cleaning services for residential or commercial properties.

Precautionary Cleaning

Dry Patrol’s precautionary cleaning service is for residential and commercial properties in Columbus that have not yet been exposed to COVID-19, but whose owner is looking to keep their property safe and sanitary for its occupants. Our trained and certified biohazard cleanup technicians will perform disinfection services using disinfectants approved by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and perform proper biohazard waste disposal practices in accordance with CDC and EPA approved methods. This disinfection service can be applied during non business hours for commercial properties in order to prevent any business interruption.

Possible Contamination

If you suspect that your Columbus home or business has been exposed to COVID-19, then our possible contamination cleaning & disinfecting service is the right choice for you. Our expert biohazard cleanup technicians will perform a 10 foot down disinfection and sanitization cleaning process to the entire structure, helping to greatly reduce the risk* of infection and further contamination.

Confirmed COVID-19 Exposure

If you have or have had a confirmed case of COVID-19 in your home or business, then your property will require thorough coronavirus cleaning.  Our coronavirus cleaning company’s customized disinfecting and sanitizing service for Confirmed COVID-19 Exposure will ensure any structure that is exposed to COVID-19 is decontaminated in accordance with CDC guidelines and approved methods. Through this coronavirus cleanup service, we work with residential and commercial customers to prepare fully customized plans that are tailored to meet each individual customer’s specific needs.

Our highly skilled and experienced technicians will employ the following methods and cleaners:

  • CDC approved and EPA registered cleaners and disinfectants
  • Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide mist foggers
  • CDC approved Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – full face respirator, disposable full body coveralls, latex/nitrile gloves, and disposable shoe coverings
  • Proper removal and disposal of biohazard waste in specific biohazard waste bins

Helping Make Your Building Safe Again and Restoring Your Peace of Mind

Dry Patrol’s covid-19 cleanup and infectious disease cleaning services are here to help make your Columbus OH residential or commercial property safe for your family, loved ones, or employees and patrons. If you require a deep cleaning from our infectious disease cleanup company, don’t hesitate to call us today.

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*Dry Patrol’s sanitization and disinfection services help to reduce the threat and spread of the COVID-19 disease, but Dry Patrol cannot and does not guarantee that such services will completely eliminate the presence of COVID-19 or all risks it presents to person or property currently and in the future.

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