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Why Water Damage Restoration Isn’t a Do-It-Yourself Project – The Risks You Need to Know

In the era of do-it-yourself tutorials and readily available guides, it’s tempting to take every home repair task into your own hands. However, some jobs require specialized skills and safety precautions – water damage restoration is one of them. Often overlooked, this mammoth task poses significant risks when approached as a DIY project. From health hazards to potential structural issues, trying to resolve water damage on your own could spiral you into a vortex of complications. In this blog, Dry Patrol Of Central Ohio, the leading provider of water damage restoration services to homeowners and business owners in Columbus, OH, and the surrounding area, discusses more on this topic. Step in as we dissect these hidden perils in detail, peeling back the layers on why water damage restoration is best left to the professionals.

Keynotes: Water damage restoration can be complex and potentially hazardous. Professionals have the experience, knowledge, and specialized equipment necessary to assess the extent of damage properly, locate the source of moisture, and prevent further damage. Attempting to restore water damage without proper training and equipment can lead to improper cleaning, longer restoration time, extensive loss, and mold growth, leading to higher costs. Additionally, exposure to contaminated water or mold spores can pose serious health risks. Therefore, hiring a qualified water restoration specialist who can safely and effectively restore your property to its pre-damage state is highly recommended.

Why You Shouldn’t DIY Water Damage Restoration

Water damage can occur unexpectedly for various reasons, such as burst pipes, heavy rain, or flooding. Dry Patrol of Central Ohio, the local water damage restoration company serving Columbus and surrounding areas such as Lewis Center, Powell, and Westerville, emphasizes that when faced with such a situation, it’s essential to prioritize safety and take immediate action to minimize damage. While the prospect of saving money by attempting to restore the water damage yourself might be tempting, it’s crucial to understand the risks associated with DIY water damage restoration and why it is best left to the professionals.

One of the significant reasons you should refrain from attempting DIY water damage restoration is the difficulty in accurately assessing the source and extent of the damage. Water can seep into hidden areas, such as behind walls or beneath floorings, which can go unnoticed without professional equipment and expertise.

water damage

To illustrate this point further, imagine discovering water damage in your home after a heavy rainstorm. While you can spot visible signs of water and remove surface-level moisture on your own, you may miss underlying issues that could lead to more extensive damage over time. A water restoration specialist, on the other hand, has the training and tools to identify hidden moisture problems and address them promptly.


Furthermore, DIY water damage restoration often involves inadequate drying methods and improper cleaning techniques. Even if you extract standing water and dry visible surfaces, residual moisture can linger in hard-to-reach areas like subfloors or wall cavities. This lingering moisture provides an ideal breeding ground for mold growth, posing significant health risks to occupants.

You may think household fans or dehumidifiers would suffice to dry out the affected areas. However, these methods are often insufficient for complete moisture removal. Professionals have access to specialized equipment like industrial-strength air movers and dehumidifiers capable of targeting hidden moisture pockets effectively.

Moreover, improper cleaning techniques during DIY restoration can result in further complications. Contaminated water can carry harmful substances like bacteria, viruses, or chemicals. You can avoid exposure to these hazardous materials with proper protective gear and knowledge of handling contaminated water.

The risks of improper cleaning go beyond personal health hazards and extend to the structural integrity of your property. The next section explores the hidden dangers of improper cleaning during DIY water damage restoration.

The Hidden Dangers of Improper Cleaning

Following appropriate cleaning protocols to prevent long-term consequences is crucial when faced with water damage. Unfortunately, DIY attempts at water damage restoration often involve improper cleaning methods that can harm your property and health.

For instance, using harsh chemical cleaners without understanding the specific needs of different surfaces can lead to further damage or discoloration, impacting not only the aesthetic appeal of your home but also its value if you decide to sell in the future. It’s essential to use suitable cleaning products and techniques recommended for specific materials to ensure proper restoration.

Furthermore, inadequate disinfection and sanitization can leave behind harmful pathogens and bacteria that pose health risks. With professional guidance, knowing which areas require thorough disinfection or effective sanitizing agents should be used is easier. Neglecting these steps increases the likelihood of lingering contaminants that may cause respiratory issues or other illnesses.

Additionally, improper cleaning methods can exacerbate the risk of mold growth. Mold can develop within 24-48 hours after water damage occurs, especially in hidden or hard-to-reach areas. If not properly addressed during restoration, mold growth can lead to extensive property damage and serious health concerns.

While cost-saving may seem like a significant advantage of DIY water damage restoration, improper cleaning techniques may lead to more extensive loss and higher costs in the long run. Poorly addressed moisture problems and mold growth can necessitate costly repairs and mold remediation services. Considering the potential financial implications before embarking on a DIY restoration project is essential.

Understanding the hidden dangers associated with improper cleaning during DIY water damage restoration highlights the importance of seeking professional help from your local water damage restoration company, Dry Patrol of Central Ohio. By entrusting the task to experts, you can ensure comprehensive restoration, minimize risks, and safeguard your property and well-being.

Risk of Missed Hidden Moistures

Water damage can be deceptive. Even after you think you have cleaned up all the visible signs of water, there may still be hidden moisture lurking beneath the surface. Hidden moisture is a significant risk that DIY water damage restoration often fails to address adequately. If hidden moisture is not properly detected and removed, it can lead to serious consequences such as mold growth, structural damage, and unhealthy living conditions.

Water has an incredible ability to seep into small spaces and linger in unseen areas. It can hide behind walls, under floorboards, and within insulation. Without the proper equipment and expertise, it is nearly impossible for an untrained person to identify these hidden moisture pockets accurately. Dry Patrol of Central Ohio professionals use moisture meters and thermal imaging cameras to detect moisture in hard-to-reach areas without causing unnecessary damage.

Let’s say your basement experienced flooding due to heavy rainfall. You take matters into your own hands and clean up the standing water using a wet/dry vacuum. Afterward, you mop the floors and dry them with towels, thinking you’ve done a thorough job. However, you may not realize that moisture could still be trapped inside the walls or the carpeting. Over time, this hidden moisture can lead to mold growth and compromise the structural integrity of your home.

Our water damage restoration professionals understand the importance of thorough moisture detection and use specialized equipment to accurately assess the extent of the damage. They have access to moisture meters that can measure the moisture content in various materials, allowing them to pinpoint areas that require attention. By identifying and addressing hidden moisture promptly, these professionals can prevent long-term issues from arising and ensure a complete restoration process.

Now that we understand the risks associated with missed hidden moistures in DIY water damage restoration let’s explore how professional water damage restorers bring their expertise into play.

The Expertise of Professional Water Damage Restorers

Water damage restoration is a critical task that demands expertise and a profound understanding of various scenarios, especially in Columbus, OH. That’s where Dry Patrol Of Central Ohio, a top-tier water damage restoration company in Columbus, OH, comes into play. Our specialized water damage restoration service ensures effective and safe results for your property.

At Dry Patrol, each task is overseen by a Project Manager or Lead Technician certified by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification). Our Water Cleanup Technicians and specialists in Applied Structural Drying swiftly assess contamination levels, contain impacted materials, and perform a thorough “Bio-Wash” using environmentally safe disinfectants on your residence or business premises and belongings. Subsequently, the team ensures a completely sewage-free and secure environment by applying Benefect, an all-natural antimicrobial solution derived from botanical sources. This formula effectively cleans and eradicates germs, upholding health and safety standards without compromise.

Our experienced professionals have undergone rigorous training and have the skills to handle diverse water damage challenges. We assess the severity of the damage using our deep understanding of water behavior and its impact on different materials. This knowledge guides us to prioritize areas most susceptible to damage and mold growth, tailoring a comprehensive plan for your situation.

Imagine facing a pipe burst at your home in Columbus, OH, resulting in extensive water damage. While it might be tempting to start tearing down walls or removing flooring, our Dry Patrol Of Central Ohio professionals approach this strategically. Every step we take is purposeful and aimed at minimizing further damage and preventing additional complications. We assess the structural integrity of your property, determining if repairs or reinforcements are necessary and ensuring a thorough restoration.

Moreover, our experience dealing with insurance companies throughout the claims process can be a significant relief. We understand the documentation required and effectively communicate with adjusters, ensuring you receive fair compensation for the damages incurred. This alleviates the stress of navigating through insurance policies and procedures.

By entrusting your water damage restoration to Dry Patrol Of Central Ohio, you gain peace of mind knowing that experts manage every aspect of the process. Our experience, knowledge, and meticulous attention to detail result in a thorough restoration, reducing the risk of future problems like mold growth or structural issues. We’re dedicated to restoring your property to its pre-damage condition so you can regain a safe and comfortable living environment in Columbus, OH, and the surrounding area.

Superior Tools and Techniques Used by Experts

In the realm of water damage restoration, Dry Patrol Of Central Ohio possesses access to a diverse arsenal of cutting-edge tools and techniques crucial for efficient and effective restoration. These specialized tools are designed to tackle various facets of water damage, empowering our experts to pinpoint the issue’s source, eliminate excess moisture, facilitate thorough drying, and avert further damage.

For instance, our professionals employ advanced moisture detection tools, including infrared cameras and precision moisture meters. These devices identify hidden pockets of moisture invisible to the naked eye. By meticulously locating and eliminating these concealed sources of moisture, we thwart potential long-term damage, such as mold proliferation and structural deterioration.

water damage restoration

Additionally, our team utilizes robust water extraction equipment like industrial-grade pumps and powerful vacuums. This rapid removal of standing water from affected areas is pivotal, as it minimizes subsequent structural harm and reduces the risk of mold growth.

Furthermore, we implement specialized drying techniques, strategically placing air movers and dehumidifiers. These devices create an optimal drying environment, circulating air, expelling excess humidity, and hastening evaporation. The precise positioning and operation of these machines require our experts’ expertise and experience to ensure effective drying without causing additional issues like mold spreading or damage to delicate materials. 

DryPatrol Columbus holds official certification as an accredited NADCA Firm, solidifying its standing within the HVAC inspection, cleaning, and restoration industry. NADCA is the world’s leading association representing this vital sector. Drawing upon our extensive knowledge and experience, Dry Patrol Of Central Ohio’s water damage restoration specialists execute these tools and techniques meticulously, customizing each approach to suit the unique aspects of every situation. This systematic approach guarantees comprehensive restoration, addressing visible and hidden moisture concerns while minimizing potential long-term repercussions.

Now that we understand the importance of professionals’ superior tools and techniques in water damage restoration, let’s explore another key aspect: quick response for damage containment.

Quick Response for Damage Containment

When it comes to water damage restoration in Columbus, OH, swift action is paramount, and that’s precisely what you get with Dry Patrol Of Central Ohio. Our water damage restoration services understand the urgency of containing and halting the spread of damage throughout your property. Time is of the essence, and we’re equipped to respond promptly to any water intrusion scenario.

Operating on a 24/7 basis, we prioritize emergency calls, ensuring that help is just a phone call away. Our rapid response allows us to assess the situation swiftly upon arrival, enabling us to take immediate containment measures. The Dry Patrol of Central Ohio can be on-site within less than 90 minutes. Our professionals employ their expertise and specialized equipment, such as moisture meters, thermal imaging cameras, and hygrometers, to gauge moisture levels accurately in various materials and areas of your property. This information guides us in determining the most effective course of action for containment and restoration.

Once we assess the situation, we execute measures like water extraction, temporary repairs to prevent further leakage or flooding, and establishing barriers or containment systems to restrict water spread to unaffected areas. These proactive actions significantly mitigate damage, safeguarding your property from additional harm.

In addition to physical containment, our professionals know about potential secondary issues, particularly mold growth. We take preventive steps against mold by controlling moisture levels, applying antimicrobial treatments, and implementing thorough drying procedures that eliminate excess moisture effectively from affected materials.

By engaging professionals like Dry Patrol Of Central Ohio with swift responsiveness to water damage incidents, you minimize the risk of extensive destruction and the long-term consequences of untreated water damage. Trust us to be your partner in preserving the integrity and safety of your property in Columbus, OH, and the surrounding area.

Health Risks Involved With DIY Restoration

Taking on water damage restoration as a do-it-yourself project may seem tempting, especially for those with a knack for tackling home improvement tasks. However, it’s vital to understand the potential health risks involved before grabbing that toolbox.

One of the primary concerns associated with DIY restoration is the risk of mold exposure. Water damage creates the perfect environment for mold growth, and if not handled properly, it can quickly spread throughout a property. Mold releases spores into the air, which can be inhaled and cause various health issues. These include allergies, asthma attacks, respiratory infections, and other respiratory-related ailments. Mold removal requires proper containment, specialized equipment, and expertise to ensure thorough remediation.

Furthermore, it would be best to have professional guidance to clean up water damage to avoid potentially contaminated water sources. Depending on the source of the water damage, it could be contaminated with sewage, chemicals, bacteria, or viruses. Coming into contact with such contaminated water poses risks to your gastrointestinal system, skin integrity, and overall well-being.

Imagine you’ve experienced flooding in your basement due to heavy rain. Without proper protective gear and knowledge of handling contaminated water, you may unknowingly put yourself at risk by wading through the water or attempting cleanup without adequate precautions.

Another hazard related to DIY restoration is electrical safety. Water conducts electricity, meaning even a small amount of moisture near electrical outlets or appliances can lead to electrical shock or fire hazards. Professionals at Dry Patrol of Central Ohio specializing in water damage restoration have the expertise to safely navigate these dangers and minimize the risk of electrical accidents.

Now that we know the potential health risks involved in DIY restoration, let’s explore the financial implications of going this route compared to hiring professionals.

Financial Implications of DIY Versus Professional Restoration

When addressing water damage in your home or property, it’s crucial to consider the financial implications of opting for a DIY approach versus hiring professional restoration services. While it might seem cost-effective to handle the restoration yourself, several factors can significantly impact the final expenses.

Firstly, professionals have the expertise and experience to accurately assess the extent of the damage and identify hidden moisture problems that may not be immediately visible. By effectively locating and addressing all areas affected by water damage, they can prevent further deterioration and reduce the risk of long-term damage.

DIY restoration projects often underestimate the scope of restoration required, leading to incomplete repairs and prolonged restoration time. This condition can result in more extensive and expensive damage from mold growth or unresolved structural issues. Additionally, improper cleaning methods or inadequate drying techniques can exacerbate the problem, causing further damage to building materials and possessions and potentially compromising your property’s value.

Let’s say you attempt to fix water damage caused by a leaking roof. In haste, you fail to address all affected areas and inadvertently leave moisture behind. Over time, this could lead to mold growth, requiring professional intervention for proper remediation. Ultimately, what could have been resolved at a more manageable cost through professional assistance has become a larger financial burden.

Additionally, some might argue that DIY restoration allows for cost savings since professional services come with fees. However, overlooking potential health risks, inadequate repairs, and possible insurance limitations can lead to significant long-term financial implications that far outweigh any initial savings.

Insurance coverage is another factor to consider. Most insurance policies require homeowners to mitigate damages promptly and professionally to be eligible for coverage. Failure to do so can result in claim denials or reduced payouts, leaving you solely responsible for the repair costs.

A significant benefit of teaming up with Dry Patrol is our collaboration with all insurance providers, making us your dedicated insurance intermediary and sparing you the burden of managing this process independently. From initial estimates and necessary adjustments to handling intricate paperwork, a single call to us is all it takes, and we’ll manage the entire process seamlessly on your behalf.

Considering both the potential health risks and financial implications associated with DIY water damage restoration, it becomes clear why involving Dry Patrol of Central Ohio professionals is the wiser choice. Look no further for “water damage restoration Columbus OH” – Dry Patrol Of Central Ohio has got you covered.


In conclusion, many water damage cleanup companies overlook critical elements of effective drying, often failing to address hidden moisture issues in buildings. Dry Patrol, the trusted water damage restoration company in Columbus, stands out for our comprehensive approach. We understand that buildings can hold hidden moisture even without visible water, and we know the unique challenges that attic and basement water damage presents. We take this seriously, as untreated moisture can lead to rapid fungi and bacteria growth, posing health risks, particularly when dealing with sewage damage.

When you choose Dry Patrol, you’re opting for experts who handle all aspects of water damage restoration. We go beyond the surface, measuring moisture levels at various critical points, creating detailed moisture maps, and continuously monitoring conditions. This commitment to thoroughness sets us apart. Additionally, we’re equipped to handle sewage cleanup safely and swiftly.

Once the structural drying is complete, our water damage repair process begins. We meticulously address damaged walls, ceilings, carpets, and hardwood floors, ensuring they are cleaned, repaired, or replaced as needed. Our comprehensive approach ensures that your property is dry and fully restored. Trust Dry Patrol for a thorough and effective water damage restoration experience. Your search for the best company providing water damage restoration in Columbus, OH ends at Dry Patrol Of Central Ohio.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What are the common causes of water damage in Columbus, Ohio? 

A: Dry Patrol Of Central Ohio recognizes that water damage in Columbus, Ohio, can result from various factors. These include heavy rains, local flooding, burst pipes due to freezing temperatures, plumbing leaks, and sewer backups. Our team is well-versed in addressing these issues and mitigating the damage they can cause to residential and commercial properties.

Q2: Why is immediate water damage restoration crucial after a flood or leak? 

A: Rapid response is a core principle of Dry Patrol Of Central Ohio’s approach. After a flood or leak, swift water damage restoration is vital. Standing water can quickly seep into building materials, potentially weakening structures. Moreover, stagnant water creates an environment conducive to mold and bacteria growth, posing health risks. By promptly engaging Dry Patrol’s expertise, you prevent further damage, safeguard property value, and ensure a safe living or working space.

Q3: What steps do professionals from Dry Patrol Of Central Ohio take during restoration? 

A: The experienced Dry Patrol Of Central Ohio team follows a comprehensive process. Our team starts with a meticulous assessment to gauge the extent of the damage. Then, they efficiently remove moisture from affected areas using advanced water extraction and drying techniques. Thorough cleaning and sanitization follow to prevent microbial growth. Finally, the experts handle necessary repairs, from fixing structures to replacing materials, ensuring a complete restoration to pre-damage condition.

Q4: Is mold growth a common concern after water damage?

 A: Absolutely, and Dry Patrol Of Central Ohio understands this well. In Columbus’s humid climate, mold can take hold within 24 to 48 hours following water exposure. Mold not only damages property but also poses health risks. Dry Patrol’s professionals prioritize thorough drying and dehumidification during the restoration process to counteract mold growth, preserving both the structural integrity of your property and the well-being of its occupants.

Q5: How can I choose Dry Patrol Of Central Ohio for water damage restoration? 

A: When considering Dry Patrol Of Central Ohio for water damage restoration needs, rest assured that they are certified, experienced, and renowned. Our online reviews and client testimonials underscore their reliability and reputation. Inquire about the swift response times – less than 90 minutes, outstanding customer services, comprehensive services encompassing assessment, drying, and repairs, and their collaboration with insurance providers. A dedicated and transparent team like Dry Patrol is committed to delivering effective restoration services, ensuring your property’s full recovery after water damage.

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