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Whole House Dehumidification Installation

Completely control the humidity and moisture content of your home

A whole house dehumidifier is an incredibly effective way to control the humidity of your home. Not only is this good for the health of residents, family, and friends, it also protects the investment of the home by maintaining stable levels of moisture throughout.  A whole house dehumidifier can remove large volumes of humidity from your house at once.

The Benefits of Whole House Dehumidifiers

Health Benefits

Humidity can occur outside of the summer months and the most critical months to address humidity is the fall and spring, when relative humidity is the highest. With an Aprilaire® system, the humidity can be addressed very efficiently and maintain the comfort and high quality health level of your home year round.

Most health problems associated with low quality indoor air include allergies, headaches, and respiratory problems. These types of health problems are potentially from the presence of mold or dust mites in the home. The correct procedure in a home to address these problems is controlling the moisture level and proper ventilation. The risk of these serious health issues can be greatly reduced with Aprilaire® systems, with their superior filtration, fresh air ventilation and moisture control.

A whole house dehumidifier is a good investment for many reasons. First, you can ensure that every part of your home has a consistently balanced airflow. This allows family members who suffer from respiratory problems to freely move throughout the house without fear of aggravating their condition. Additionally, DryPatrol Columbus can help you select the right model to fit your exact home size. This means that you won’t need to scale up your dehumidifier over time – your system will be the right fit from day one, not too small or too large. The cost of operating the system will then be as low as possible, since it will be maximum efficiency for the size of your home. As a preferred vendor of Aprilaire® systems, DryPatrol Columbus will also ensure that the system does not interfere with the flow of air from your heating or cooling system.

Protect Your Investment

The purchase of your home is likely to be one of your biggest investments, and it is critical to protect it whenever possible – this includes all of your possessions and interior contents. One important step to do that is maintaining proper humidity levels. The damage excess humidity can do to your home and its contents is extensive: damage to wood flooring, cabinetry, countertops, furniture, electronics, artwork, and even the overall structure. Not only that, but it can create a prime environment for pests like cockroaches and termites.

There can be many reasons for excessive moisture and high humidity levels in your home, some of which include people, pets, plants, ground water, or infiltration of outside air. In areas where humidity can rise above 50 percent especially, it is vital to have dehumidification in place – places like your basement, attic, crawlspaces, or even high humidity regions of the country. With Aprilaire® systems, DryPatrol Columbus can integrate the system as part of your home’s heating and cooling system so that your entire house is controlled regardless of outside conditions and weather all year round.

DryPatrol Columbus Makes It Easy

For more information on how DryPatrol Columbus can install a whole house dehumidifier in your home, or if you have questions about your home’s humidity levels and need to know more, contact us today: 740-417-9006. The first step is to talk with one of our experts about all the options available to you. Our trained technicians and representatives will help choose which system is right for your exact needs. In no time at all, we can arrive at your home for a full and proper installation of your new Aprilaire® system!

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