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Case Study: Rapid Water Mitigation and Rebuild for a New Build Home in NW Columbus, OH

December 12, 2023 | Water Damage

Client: Home Builder and New Homebuyer

Service Provider: Dry Patrol of Central Ohio

Project Overview: Dry Patrol of Central Ohio was called upon to provide swift and effective water mitigation services for a multistory new build home located in the northwest side of Columbus, Ohio, just days away from closing. During the final punch list inspection, a painter accidentally damaged a sprinkler head, resulting in a sudden water release. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, Dry Patrol mobilized immediately to mitigate the damage, ensuring a seamless transition for the new homeowner.


Scope of Work: The project involved a time-sensitive water mitigation process and collaboration with multiple stakeholders:

Immediate Response: Within minutes of the water incident, the water supply was shut off, and Dry Patrol’s team was swiftly mobilized to the site. The first priority was to halt the damage and prevent further complications.

Demo and Cleanup: During the late afternoon, all affected materials, including damaged drywall and flooring, were meticulously removed to prevent mold growth and structural issues. The cleanup process was executed promptly to mitigate the initial water damage.

Drying Equipment Deployment: Specialized drying equipment was set up to expedite the drying process and restore the property to a dry and safe state.

Efficient Drying: Within 48 hours, the entire building was successfully dried, ensuring that no residual moisture remained to cause long-term damage or mold growth.

Homebuyer Walkthrough: Following the mitigation and drying process, a walkthrough was conducted with the new homebuyer to address any questions or concerns and ensure their confidence in the property’s condition.


Challenges Faced: The primary challenge was the impending move-in date of the new homeowner, which added pressure to complete the mitigation and drying process swiftly and efficiently.

Pros: Despite the challenges, Dry Patrol of Central Ohio’s rapid response and effective mitigation measures led to several favorable outcomes:

72-Hour Rebuild Approval: Thanks to the efficient mitigation and drying process, the turnaround for rebuild approval was granted within 72 hours, allowing the new homeowner to move in on schedule.


This case study underscores Dry Patrol of Central Ohio’s expertise in providing immediate and efficient water mitigation services, even in high-stress situations. Their dedication to preserving the integrity of new construction homes and ensuring a seamless transition for homeowners demonstrates their commitment to delivering exceptional service.

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