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Water Intrusion Mitigation for a Residential Property in Sunbury, OH

November 17, 2023 | Case Study


livingroom mitigation

Client: Residential Property Owner in Sunbury, OH

Project Overview

Dry Patrol of Central Ohio was called to address a water intrusion issue in a residential property located in Sunbury, Ohio. The homeowners had discovered the problem before leaving for vacation and entrusted Dry Patrol to handle the situation in their absence.

The property in question was a fully finished basement, spanning approximately 2,500 square feet, and included various rooms and areas, such as storage rooms, a workout room, living room, bathroom, office, and a game room. The flooring throughout the basement consisted of tile, carpet with padding, and plank laminate.


mitigation before

Comprehensive Mitigation and Restoration

Scope of Mitigation Work

The project involved a comprehensive mitigation and restoration effort to address the water intrusion and related damage:

  • Flooring Removal

    Due to the water intrusion, all flooring materials, including tile, carpet with padding, and plank laminate, were extracted and removed to expose the underlying structural components and subfloor.

  • Drywall Removal

    In addition to flooring removal, certain sections of drywall were also removed to assess the extent of moisture damage and ensure thorough drying of the affected areas to prevent mold growth.


livingroom water damage dryout

Water Damage Cleanup Challenges

This particular project presented several challenges:

  • Vacation Timing:The homeowners were scheduled to leave for vacation shortly after discovering the water intrusion, necessitating a rapid and effective response from Dry Patrol. Constant progress updates were essential to reassure the homeowners during their absence.
  • Complex Floor Plan:The basement’s extensive floor plan with multiple rooms and diverse flooring materials added complexity to the mitigation process, requiring careful planning and execution.
  • Multiple Water Intrusions:During the mitigation process, three additional water intrusions occurred, compounding the challenges and requiring swift and adaptive responses to prevent further damage.


music room flooding

Water Damage Repair Solution

Dry Patrol of Central Ohio implemented a strategic approach to address the challenges:

  • Progress Updates: Given the homeowners’ absence, continuous progress updates were provided to keep them informed about the mitigation process and ensure peace of mind.
  • Thorough Flooring and Drywall Removal: All affected flooring and necessary sections of drywall were carefully removed to allow for proper drying and restoration of the structural components.
  • Mitigation for Additional Intrusions: In response to the three additional water intrusions, Dry Patrol swiftly addressed each incident, implementing effective mitigation measures to prevent further damage and ensure the overall success of the project.


music room mitigation

Dry Patrol of Central Ohio Successfully Mitigated the Water Intrusion Issue in the Sunbury, Ohio Residential Property

Despite the initial challenges and the unexpected additional water intrusions, Dry Patrol of Central Ohio successfully mitigated the water intrusion issue in the Sunbury, Ohio residential property. The basement’s flooring and drywall were removed and treated to prevent secondary damages and ensure a dry and safe environment for the homeowners’ return from vacation.

This case study underscores the importance of proactive communication and adaptability in handling unexpected issues during the water damage mitigation process. Dry Patrol of Central Ohio’s dedication to effective water intrusion mitigation ensured a successful outcome for the homeowners and the preservation of their finished basement.

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