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Water Damage Restoration in Italian Village, Columbus, OH

November 21, 2023 | Case Study

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Client: Residential Property Owner in Italian Village, Columbus, OH

Project Overview
In the Italian Village neighborhood of Columbus, Ohio, a residential property owner experienced a water damage emergency when a water line pipe broke in their finished basement. The incident caused significant water intrusion, primarily affecting approximately one-quarter of the basement. The affected areas included the living room, hallway, and half of a storage closet, while the bathroom, bedroom, and another closet remained unaffected.

Scope of Work of Water Damage Mitigation Work

water extraction

Dry Patrol of Central Ohio was called in to mitigate the water damage and restore the affected areas of the basement. The project included the following key tasks:

Water Extraction

The first step was to extract the standing water from the affected areas. This process was crucial to prevent further damage and the development of mold and mildew.

Removal of Carpet and Padding

In the main living room and hallway, the carpet and padding were removed due to water damage. This removal allowed for thorough drying of the subfloor and structural components.

Drywall and Insulation Removal

Sections of drywall and insulation adjacent to the broken water pipe were removed to access and address any moisture or damage concealed within the wall structure.

Drying Equipment Installation

High-powered drying equipment was strategically placed to facilitate the drying process. Special attention was given to the sill plate, ensuring that it was thoroughly dried to prevent further issues.

Water Mitigation Challenges

rework mold

Several weeks after the initial restoration work, the client contacted Dry Patrol of Central Ohio with concerns about a newly discovered wet area in the basement. This area was located on the opposite end of the basement, two rooms away from the initial affected area. Upon inspection, the following challenges were identified:

Undetected Moisture Path

It was determined that a small portion of water had traveled along the sill plate from the hallway through to the adjacent bedroom, then turned downward along an adjoining sill plate in the bedroom. The water ultimately pooled in a low point within the closet, causing additional damage.

Secondary Water Damages

The affected drywall in the bedroom had begun to show signs of secondary damage, including potential mold growth. This required immediate attention to prevent further issues.

Dry Patrol of Central Ohio promptly addressed the newly discovered wet area and the associated challenges:

  • Drywall Removal: The affected drywall in the bedroom and closet area was carefully removed to expose the source of the moisture and assess the extent of the damage.
  • Moisture Treatment: The exposed areas were treated to ensure thorough moisture removal and to prevent any potential mold growth.
  • Drying and Verification: Drying equipment was employed once again to ensure that all affected spaces were completely dry. Regular checks and verification measures were implemented to confirm the successful restoration of the space.

Through diligent assessment, mitigation, and restoration efforts, Dry Patrol of Central Ohio successfully resolved the water damage issue in the Italian Village residential property. The affected areas were restored to their pre-damage condition, and the homeowner could enjoy a dry and safe living environment once again.

This case study highlights the importance of thorough assessment and attention to detail in water damage restoration projects, as well as the responsiveness of Dry Patrol of Central Ohio in addressing unexpected issues to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

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