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Rapid Drain Backup Cleanup and Remediation for a Columbus Apartment Complex

December 4, 2023 | Case Study,Flooring

Client: Realty Company Managing an Apartment Complex in Columbus, OH Service Provider: Dry Patrol of Central Ohio Project Overview: Dry Patrol of Central Ohio responded promptly to a weekend emergency call from a Realty company managing an apartment complex in Columbus, Ohio. The issue at hand was a drain backup that had caused a contamination…

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Swift and Effective Sewage Backup Cleanup in Gambier, OH

November 27, 2023 | Case Study,Sewage Cleanup

  Client: Residential Property Owner in Gambier, OH Project Overview: Dry Patrol of Central Ohio was called to a residential property in Gambier, Ohio, facing a distressing and challenging issue—a sewage backup in the basement. The homeowner sought immediate assistance to address the contamination, prevent further damage, and ensure the safe and thorough cleanup of…

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Get Effective Biohazard Cleanup Services

May 1, 2023 | Biohazard Cleanup

When the word ‘biohazard’ is heard, most people will envisage images of hazard tape, hazmat suits, condemned premises and substantial costs. Proper biohazard cleaning is integral, especially if your enterprise handles biomaterials that pose a risk to human welfare. Decontamination and cleanup are integral after an incident involving waste or hazardous chemicals to assist minimize…

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