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How Sewage Can Damage Your Commercial Property

October 3, 2022 | Sewage Damage,Water Damage

Here are some scenarios that could cause sewer stoppage and wreak havoc on your place of business.

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Is Water Causing Damage To Your Business?

Do you own a Columbus, OH, business? If that’s the case, congratulations are in order first of all. You took the plunge and now call the shots regarding hours of operation, services offered, and more. Everything isn’t always sunshine and rainbows for proprietors, though. These professionals tend to have full plates. For example, they must…

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How Does Water Damage Affect Your Business?

August 26, 2021 | Water Damage

For floods, backed-up sewers, and other forms of extreme water-based environmental events, many people focus on how it disrupts homes. However, it’s not just residences that are affected by these events. In many cases, businesses as much—or more—than the owner of a home. If you’re a Columbus area business owner, here’s what you need to…

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