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Sump Pump Monitoring

A system that watches over your sump pump automatically

DryPatrol Columbus has built a great relationship with PumpSpy, a leading technology company in Sump Pump Monitoring. PumpSpy provides an automated system for monitoring your Sump Pump while you are away on vacation, work, or out for the weekend. PumpSpy sends text messages, emails and app alerts to your smart phone, computer and tablet if your sump pump has a problem.

As a preferred installer and vendor for PumpSpy, DryPatrol Columbus can help you get setup and provide peace of mind while you are away to ensure your Sump Pump is working properly, all the time.

How Does PumpSpy Work?

PumpSpy works with any Sump Pump. PumpSpy will alert homeowners that their sump pump has a problem BEFORE flooding can occur. Owners or PumpSpy can use a FREE phone app to receive notifications about a Sump Pump so owners are alerted right away, before there is a problem. PumpSpy runs 24 hours a day and a backup battery system is installed in case of power outages.

Protect your basement from flooding by getting setup with PumpSpy today!

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