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North Market, Columbus, OH

One of the most fun things that you may want to indulge in while near Columbus, OH, is visiting North Market! This might be among the largest farmer’s markets that you will ever come across. It is one of the biggest points of interest in the city, not only for its size, but also for just how high-quality it is. North Market is open every weekend on Saturdays and Sundays, from June all the way to October. Here, you can get a hold of some of the finest produce that you only get to hear about. You can also purchase delicious treats such as cupcakes and kettle corn. In addition to this, you can buy things like handmade jewelry, curated with impeccable craftwork.

North Market allows you to get a great sense of the energy surrounding Columbus. This is not just a place where you pick up some produce; it is also an outstanding place for congregating with locals and seeing a proud tradition at work. If you would like to experience a community that is in its top form, then see to it that you come to North Market.
The downtown market hosts about 35 vendors. About one third of these sell ready-to-eat foods, one third sell specialty goods, and the remaining portion sell produce, flowers, meat and fish, cookware, and gifts. The market is managed by the North Market Development Authority (NDMA), a not-for-profit organization. The NDMA also hosts a weekly farmer’s market from June to October outside the market building.

The vitality of the Market began to fade after the Second World War as the population shifted from the city to the suburbs and the development of supermarkets. The building of the Ohio Center and the temporary closing of High Street in the late 1970s caused the Market to hit rock bottom. Attempts to revive the once thriving institution were thwarted by the physical and mechanical limitations of the Quonset hut. The Market was operating on a month-to-month lease with the city. The future was far from secure.

In the 1980s a national, growing recognition of public markets emerged. This enabled Columbus residents to rediscover their market. That idea, along with the fear that the city would tear down the Market to develop a parking lot for the planned Greater Columbus Convention Center, drove the creation of the North Market Development Authority. (NMDA). This not-for-profit group of shoppers and merchants was established to “preserve and promote the traditional and cultural aspects of the historic North Market.” In 1988, NMDA led the market’s recovery by negotiating a long-term lease with the city, effectively eliminating the threat of demolition. In 1989, the NMDA assumed daily operations of the market.

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