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Efficient Mold Remediation in a Vacant Home in Columbus, OH

January 19, 2024 | Case Study,Mold Removal

Client: Residential Property in Columbus, Ohio

Project Overview:
Dry Patrol of Central Ohio was tasked with addressing a mold issue in a vacant home located in Columbus, Ohio. The property had standing water in the basement, leading to the growth of mold. The project aimed to efficiently remediate the mold problem, ensuring the property was safe and habitable.

mold growth

Scope of Work: Mold Remediation

The project involved comprehensive mold remediation and cleanup to eliminate the mold growth and restore the basement to a safe and healthy condition:

  • Assessment: The first step was a thorough assessment of the extent of the mold growth in the basement, identifying affected areas.
  • HEPA Vacuuming: Dry Patrol’s team utilized HEPA vacuuming equipment to remove the majority of the standing mold growth. This step aimed to eliminate visible mold and contaminants.
  • Treatment of Floor Joists: The remaining floor joists were treated to ensure that any residual mold spores were addressed effectively.
  • Final HEPA Vacuuming: After treating the floor joists, a final HEPA vacuuming was conducted to remove any remaining mold particles and ensure a clean and mold-free environment.
  • Anti-Microbial Application: An anti-microbial treatment was applied to prevent future mold growth and promote a healthy living space.

mold remediation

Challenges Faced by the Mold Removal in a Vacant Home

The primary challenge was addressing the mold issue in a vacant home with standing water in the basement. Ensuring thorough mold remediation was crucial to restore the property to a habitable condition.

Dry Patrol of Central Ohio’s solution involved a systematic approach to address the mold growth and restore the basement effectively:

  • Assessment: A comprehensive assessment was conducted to identify the extent of the mold problem.
  • HEPA Vacuuming: HEPA vacuuming equipment was used to remove visible mold growth and contaminants.
  • Treatment and Prevention: Floor joists were treated, and anti-microbial agents were applied to prevent future mold growth.


mold removal before and after


The project concluded with the successful remediation of the mold issue in the vacant Columbus, Ohio home. Dry Patrol of Central Ohio’s efficient mold removal process ensured that the basement was mold-free and safe for habitation.

This case study highlights Dry Patrol’s expertise in addressing mold issues and their commitment to restoring properties to a healthy and habitable condition, even in challenging situations like vacant homes with standing water.

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