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Case Study: Mold Remediation and Allergen Control in Galena, OH

December 14, 2023 | Mold Removal

Client: Homeowner in Galena, Ohio

Service Provider: Dry Patrol of Central Ohio

Project Overview: Dry Patrol of Central Ohio was called upon to address a unique challenge for a homeowner in Galena, Ohio. The homeowner had severe mold allergies and suspected the presence of mold in the finished basement. They had completed their own testing to see where the mold was located so they had some sort of idea. However, despite no visible evidence of mold growth, the homeowner sought a proactive solution to ensure a safe living environment. Dry Patrol worked closely with the homeowner to devise a plan to contain, assess, and remediate the suspected mold issue.


Scope of Work: The project involved a meticulous and tailored approach to address the homeowner’s concerns about mold allergens:

Initial Assessment: Dry Patrol conducted a comprehensive assessment of the finished basement to evaluate the extent of potential mold contamination. While no visible mold growth was detected, the homeowner’s health concerns prompted further investigation.

Containment Strategy: After thorough discussion with the homeowner, it was decided to isolate and contain the basement from the rest of the house to prevent any potential allergen spread. The basement was divided into two sections.

Preliminary Demo: The team proceeded with preliminary demolition to explore what lay behind the drywall in both sections of the basement. The goal was to uncover any hidden mold growth or allergen sources.

Clean Section: In one section of the basement, no contamination was found behind the drywall. The space and its contents were thoroughly cleaned to ensure allergen-free conditions.

Contaminated Section: In the other section of the basement, mold contamination was discovered behind the drywall. The team carefully cleaned and moved the contents from this area to the clean section to prevent cross-contamination. Subsequently, the remaining drywall was removed, and the space was treated for mold growth.


Challenges Faced: The primary challenge in this project was addressing the homeowner’s mold allergies and concerns despite the absence of visible mold growth. Ensuring a safe and allergen-free living space was of utmost importance.

Solution: Dry Patrol of Central Ohio’s solution was a multi-step process designed to assess, isolate, and remediate any potential mold contamination while minimizing any risk of allergen exposure:

Comprehensive Assessment: Thorough assessment of the basement was carried out, including behind the drywall, to detect any hidden mold or allergen sources.

Containment: Isolation of the basement sections and a containment strategy were implemented to prevent the spread of allergens to the rest of the house.

Preliminary Demo: Preliminary demolition was performed to uncover any concealed mold growth, allowing for informed remediation decisions.

Cleaning and Remediation: The clean section was thoroughly cleaned and treated to ensure allergen-free conditions, while the contaminated section was addressed with careful removal of drywall and mold remediation.


Outcome: The project concluded with the successful assessment and remediation of the basement in the homeowner’s Galena, Ohio, residence. Dry Patrol of Central Ohio’s meticulous approach and tailored solutions provided the homeowner with peace of mind, knowing that their living space was free from potential mold allergens.

This case study highlights Dry Patrol’s commitment to addressing unique and challenging situations to meet the specific needs and concerns of homeowners. Their dedication to providing a safe and allergen-free environment exemplifies their commitment to customer satisfaction and health-conscious remediation solutions.

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