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What Is The Difference Between Water Damage Restoration And Water Mitigation?

October 24, 2022 | Water Damage

When there is significant water damage to your property, there are two vital steps to help restore what you have lost. The first is water damage mitigation and the second is water restoration. Both play an important role after emergency flooding, but only one should be done even when there hasn’t been flooding. Here are the differences between water damage restoration and water mitigation.

What Is Water Damage Restoration?

Water damage restoration is the process of restoring your property to pre-damaged condition. Water is very damaging and can very quickly destroy your property. Water damage not only affects your possessions, but it can damage your flooring, walls, and even the structure of your property. Water damage restoration repairs this damage, making your property once again safe to enter.

How Is Water Damage Mitigation Done?

Water mitigation is done by trained and certified water damage restoration experts, like the pros at Dry Patrol. They first inspect the damage using sophisticated tools like moisture meters and thermo hygrometers. Next, they will address the source. For example, if it is a flooding pipe, they will turn off the water to the pipe. Then they will use heavy-duty pumps to remove the water from your property. Once the water is removed, they will start the process of drying out your property using advanced air filters, dehumidifiers, and air movers. Finally, they will do a deep cleaning and disinfecting of the impacted areas to ensure the property is once again safe to enter.

Damage Prevention

Water damage mitigation is a prevention strategy. Water damage experts inspect your property to identify any risks of flooding or water damage. If they find any, they will recommend and implement strategies for mitigation. For example, inspectors may notice you have a leaky pipe that could lead to flooding. A water mitigation strategy would be to have the leaky pipe repaired before it floods your property. After a flooding incident, water damage mitigation is used to prevent the flooding from occurring again.

Why Water Damage Mitigation Is Part Of Home Maintenance

Just like we replace loose weather stripping on our windows or trade out our air filters, water mitigation is a property maintenance task. Conducting regular inspections to identify any flood risks can help prevent costly flooding. It’s always better to fix a small issue rather than a large problem. So make sure that you are incorporating water damage mitigation into your property maintenance plan. It will help protect your home from expensive damage.

Both water damage restoration and water damage mitigation are important parts of flood damage restoration. However, water damage mitigation should be an ongoing process to protect your property.

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