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Grease Cleanup and Pipe Repair for a Columbus Restaurant

November 24, 2023 | Case Study

Client: Commercial Property Owner (Restaurant) in Columbus, OH

grease on flood before cleanup

Project OverviewDry Patrol of Central Ohio was called upon to address a pressing issue at a popular restaurant located in Columbus, Ohio. The restaurant had experienced a grease-related problem caused by a clogged grease pipe, which had led to seepage of grease into the basement. The client urgently sought professional assistance to not only clean up the affected area but also to repair the damaged grease pipe to prevent future occurrences.

Scope of Work: Grease Cleanup and Pipe Repair

The project entailed a comprehensive grease cleanup and pipe repair to resolve the issue:

Debris Cleanup

Dry Patrol of Central Ohio initiated the project by cleaning up minor debris and contaminants from the affected basement area. This step was crucial to prepare the space for thorough cleaning and repair.


To facilitate effective grease removal, the team applied a specialized pre-treatment solution to break down and loosen the accumulated grease and grime on various surfaces.

Pressure Washing with Degreaser

pressure washed basement

A powerful pressure washing technique, utilizing a grease-specific degreaser, was employed to remove stubborn grease deposits from walls, floors, and other surfaces within the basement. This process ensured the elimination of residual grease and contaminants.

Extraction of Dirty Water

Dry Patrol extracted the dirty water resulting from the cleaning process, adhering to proper disposal protocols to prevent environmental contamination.

Challenges Faced: The project presented specific challenges:

  1. Grease Accumulation: The significant accumulation of grease within the basement required a specialized approach for effective cleaning and restoration.
  2. Clogged Grease Pipe: Addressing the root cause of the issue, the clogged grease pipe, involved identifying and repairing the problem to prevent future incidents.


Dry Patrol of Central Ohio applied a systematic approach to resolve the challenges

  1. Thorough Cleaning: The team’s expert technicians executed a thorough cleaning process, which included the application of a grease-specific degreaser and pressure washing. This method effectively removed the grease buildup from various surfaces within the basement, restoring a clean and safe environment.
  2. Pipe Repair: In addition to the cleanup, Dry Patrol identified the clogged grease pipe and proceeded to repair it, ensuring the proper flow of grease away from the basement and mitigating the risk of future incidents.


basement floor and wall after grease cleanup

The project concluded with the successful cleanup and repair of the Columbus restaurant’s basement. Dry Patrol of Central Ohio’s comprehensive approach not only resolved the immediate issue of grease seepage but also addressed the root cause by repairing the clogged grease pipe. As a result, the restaurant was able to resume its operations with confidence in a clean and grease-free environment.

Dry Patrol’s Expertise In Commercial Restoration

This case study underscores Dry Patrol of Central Ohio’s expertise in providing effective and tailored solutions for commercial properties facing challenging situations, such as grease-related issues. Their dedication to restoring safe and clean spaces for their clients has once again yielded a successful outcome.

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