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Does Cleaning Air Ducts Make A Difference?

April 15, 2023 | Air Duct Cleaning

HVAC Cleaning Columbus OHAir ducts supply cool or warm air to cool, ventilate, or heat rooms. Their purpose is to provide thermal well-being while ensuring good air quality in the house.


Are there any benefits to cleaning air ducts?

While cleaning air ducts may not necessarily prevent health problems, there are a few instances when they should be cleaned. Air ducts should be cleaned if:

  • They’re infested with vermin such as insects and rodents.
  • The ducts are clogged with excess debris, dust, and particles.
  • There’s visible mold growth inside the air ducts.

Cleaning the HVAC system, including the ducts, improves efficiency and saves maintenance and energy costs. After all, it’s logical to clean air ducts when they get dirty.

What Is Air Duct Cleaning?

Duct cleaning involves cleaning parts of the heating and cooling system. These components become contaminated with pollen and dust particles if poorly maintained. Moreover, moisture accumulation in these areas can lead to the growth of substances like mold.

While seeking air duct cleaning services, homeowners should ensure the service provider agrees to clean the whole system. They must also confirm that the chosen company is qualified for the job.

Signs of Bad Ductwork

Sometimes the air duct may have underlying problems, and cleaning it alone may not help. The following are signs that the ductwork is bad and needs repairs or replacement.

Too Much Noise

Although the HVAC unit makes some noise, it shouldn’t be deafening. If there’s loud whistling and rattling, that’s a sign of loose or damaged air ducts.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

If everyone in the house sneezes and there’s a lot of dust collection, that’s a sign of compromised air quality. Dust and pollen particles can escape through the ductwork when the connections are loose.

Hot and Cold Spots

A room that feels too hot or colder than usual could indicate air duct issues. One should call an HVAC professional to fix the problem with the air ducts.

Higher Utility Bills

Conditioned air will escape through leaks in the air ducts, and the charges will reflect on the utility bill. Air escaping may also cause the fan to work extra hard and even break down, which leads to an additional expense.

The Bottom Line on Whether You Should Get Regular Air Duct Cleaning

Clean and well-maintained air ducts have various benefits. They reduce noise in the house, prevent hot and cold air spots, maintain good indoor air quality, and prevent utility expenses from skyrocketing.

For assistance with air duct cleaning and maintenance, homeowners should hire qualified and experienced service providers, like Dry Patrol of Central Ohio. Give us a call today for a free estimate.

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