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Can Walls Be Saved From Water Damage?

September 15, 2022 | Water Damage

Water is very damaging to our homes. A leak can quickly turn into a flood and in minutes thousands of dollars of damage can occur. Water can damage our possessions and furniture, but most importantly, it can damage the infrastructure of our homes. When this happens it creates hazardous conditions that can be dangerous for our families and very costly. Fortunately, emergency water cleanup professionals can restore some of this damage. Walls especially can get damaged during these times, leading many homeowners to wonder if walls can be saved from water damage. What is the answer according to experts? It depends.

Inspecting The Walls

When an emergency water cleanup professional first inspects the water-damaged home, they will inspect your walls. They will not just assess the surface damage, they will also look at the damage inside. They will check to make sure that the water has not damaged the interior wall studs and frame. Also, they’ll check the insulation, as well as, your utility infrastructures like electrical, plumbing, and HVAC lines and outlets. If the interior of the wall is damaged beyond repair, it will have to be replaced. If not, the emergency water cleanup company will put together a strategy to restore them back to safety.

Can Drywall Be Saved From Water Damage?

One of the most popular types of wall materials is drywall. Drywall is extremely porous and can absorb water very quickly. When this happens it can lead it to swell, sag, and crack. Furthermore, when drywall gets saturated with water, it becomes an ideal breeding ground for microbes like mold and bacteria. Drywall can be saved, but it depends on how long it is exposed to water damage. When it has been exposed for a long time, it usually completely crumbles. If it has been a short time and there has been significant damage or any risks, then drywall can be dried out and salvaged.

Can Wall Panels Be Saved From Water Damage?

Another popular material for walls is wall panels. Wall panels are typically made out of either wood, MDF, PVC, or vinyl. Water can damage all of these materials but causes the most damage to MDF and wood. Water can warp these panels and make them lose their structural integrity. If the damage is just on the surface, wood and MDF paneling can be restored after drying out. They may just need sanding or paint. In cases where there is warping, they will usually be disposed of because they are no longer usable or safe. Water can also impact PVC and vinyl panels because it can get trapped in the seams, leading to the potential growth of microbes. In cases where that happens, the dry-out and sanitation process can save these. However, they can get destroyed beyond repair depending on the circumstance.

The simplest answer to whether walls can be saved after flooding is yes, but it depends on the extent of the damage. An emergency water cleanup team can help. They will assess the extent of the damage to the interior and exterior of your walls. Then they’ll make recommendations for what is salvageable and what can be removed to protect your home.

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