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Two Places Homeowners Might Not Expect Water Damage To Come From

September 1, 2022 | Water Damage

If you’re a homeowner, there are many things that stay on your mind when it comes to protecting your structure. After all, nobody wants the investment they are spending so much money on to fall apart and crumble around them. So, people try to think outside the box and stay on top of preventative maintenance to stop issues in their tracks. That can be a challenging task, though, especially if folks don’t know where the trouble might come from.

Don’t fret if you fall into that category when it comes to water damage. Sure, you probably know that missing shingles, pipe drips, and things of that nature can cause you grief. However, there are also some less common places where leaks may develop, and they are the focus here today. Hence, don’t go away if that piques your interest. Instead, stick around and read on to learn more. Then, the hope is that once an elusive water damage matter enters the picture, you’ll know where to look.

Tub And Grout Around The Tub

Obviously, there are about a million different places in a bathroom where water damage can originate. For example, the p-trap under the lavatory could begin to drip without someone noticing, making the bottom of the cabinet rot. Then again, the seal beneath the toilet can fail and allow water to escape each time the unit is flushed, causing the subfloor to decay.

One spot where you might fail to look is around the tub, and not at the drain or faucet, but rather, at the tile/grout lines. All too often, these items fail and create substantial leaks. If there is an access point by the drain, you can check this situation for yourself. You’ll need a flashlight and a helper. Once you’re in position, have the companion splash water on the tile work and grout, while you shine the light under and beside the tub.

If water starts pouring or dripping through, you have your culprit. Providing that too much damage hasn’t occurred, you may only need to re-grout or tile the area to fix the problem. However, if extensive damage has already been done, the services of a water damage restoration company will be required.

Backed Up Gutters

Clogged gutters can create roof leaks. Then, water will seep into the house, damaging insulation, drywall, and anything else in its path. But the issue can also cause damage to the outside of one’s home. For example, if the matter is left to do as it pleases, and the water continually runs onto a fascia board, it will rot. The same goes for pieces of wood trim or siding. So, take the time to clean your gutters and ensure they always flow correctly. Or, you can even install gutter guards to prevent debris from getting inside the channels from the get-go.

A Few Final Thoughts

These are only two places where water damage can come from, which homeowners may not expect. However, there are also many others where these came from. If water wreaks havoc on your structure, don’t hesitate to call in the professionals. A water damage repair company will make everything as good as new in a matter of no time.

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