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3 Ways Your Home Could Sustain Water Damage

April 7, 2022 | Water Damage

3 Ways Your Home Could Sustain Water Damage

Most people probably don’t sit around thinking about how water can wreak havoc on their homes. However, that is exactly what can happen on occasion and sometimes even without warning. Hence, at the very least, you should have a plan in place. Then, whenever an issue arises, you’ll be ready to deal with it accordingly.

Obviously, you won’t be able to plan for every water damage scenario, but you should be good as long as you have some information handy. For instance, if you have homeowners insurance, the number for your agent needs to be easy to access. In addition, it is an excellent idea to keep a copy of your policy handy. Then, if a problem occurs, you can review the documents and contact your local representative with little to no effort.

Don’t forget to have the number for a water extraction company nearby, preferably one that provides 24-hour emergency service. There are plenty of options on the market today, but you want issues resolved quickly and correctly, right? If that’s the case, go with one of the best in the industry in Dry Patrol. Now, let’s look at three ways water damage could occur, leaving you in need of our services.

A Leaking Roof

Imagine for a moment that you believed your roof was in immaculate shape. However, then a big storm came rolling through the Columbus area. It brought hurricane-force winds with it as well as 10-inches of rain. Therefore, you definitely had to worry about the storm drains not keeping up and floodwaters rising outside, but you didn’t think your roof would fail. Then, before you even realize it, water is pouring through the ceiling in various rooms, and you’re running through the house placing trash cans, dishes, buckets, and more down to catch the drips.

Burst Pipes In The Kitchen Ceiling And Wall

When such a roofing dilemma enters the picture, it’s easy to see why a homeowner might need to schedule an appointment with a water extraction company. There are other reasons, too, though. For example, water lines could be running through the ceiling and walls of your kitchen. Then again, they might even be installed beneath the floor or slab; it just depends.

In this scenario, a galvanized pipe in the ceiling attaches to a line in a wall with threads and fittings. However, the building shifted, causing the parts to strain, and the threads broke off flush. Unfortunately, nobody is home when this ordeal takes place. Thus, when you finally arrive after dinner and a movie, you’re greeted by sopping wet carpeting and padding. Hence, as you can see, leaking pipes are something else that can cause your home to sustain water damage.

A Leaking Water Heater

Do you have a 40 or 50-gallon tanked water heater in the attic? If so, that probably saved you some space downstairs. In turn, you likely gained a closet in a bathroom or hallway. Or was the unit relocated from the garage? That should’ve given you room for a workbench or toolbox if that’s the case. But if that tank bursts and leaks, everything below it can get soaked. Then, you’ll need to contact a water extraction company.

Call Dry Patrol For Emergency Residential Water Damage Restoration Service

If your house sustains water damage in these three ways, don’t hesitate to give Dry Patrol a call. The company offers free estimates, and you’ll speak to a real person upon calling. We’ve been servicing the Columbus, Ohio area for many years, and our team members will be at your doorstep within 90-minutes. So, reach out whenever you’re ready.

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