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3 Scenarios That Could Leave Your Home With Smoke Damage

February 8, 2023 | Fire Damage

A residential basement with smoke damageHave you ever had a fire break out inside your home? If not actual flames, what about smoke? For instance, an electrical component on a TV could have shorted out, causing an issue. Smoke can permanently stain carpets, curtains, and furniture. It will also leave upholstered items, clothing, and more with obnoxious odors that no amount of washing or laundry detergent will remove.

Smoke can do a number on living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, etc. In other words, no space is necessarily safer than the next. Thankfully, when smoke damage enters the picture, homeowners don’t have to tackle the cleanups alone. That’s because there are smoke damage restoration companies, like Dry Patrol of Central Ohio, that offer such services. So, if an issue occurs that leaves your place looking and smelling off because of smoke, give one of them a call to get everything back in order.

Now, the question becomes, “How can smoke damage become a factor in the equation?”. There are likely about a million different ways.

What Are 3 Ways Residential Smoke Damage Can Happen?

A Lit Candle Starts a Home Fire

Many people use candles around their homes. Some individuals call on the units when the electricity goes out to produce light, while others fire up scented candles to leave their houses smelling great. Regardless why candles are used, homeowners need to be careful and not leave them unattended. For instance, you could leave a lit unit in the bathroom for everybody to be able to see during a storm.

It is left alone, and when someone closes the door, the draft causes a piece of toilet paper to float into the flame. Then, the entire roll and a curtain catch fire. Luckily, you are able to extinguish the fire without calling the fire department, but your home was not able to escape the smoke damage.

A Broken Fireplace Damper

In this situation, you take the family to your cabin in the woods for a much needed vacation. One evening, it turns cool outside, so you decide to build a fire in the fireplace. It wasn’t until a few minutes after the flames were going good that you realized you needed to adjust the damper to let the smoke vent.

However, when you grab the handle and attempt the venture, you find the device is broken. Soon, your eyes are burning, and it is hard to breathe. You get everyone outside and take some deep breaths. Then, you extinguish the flames with a nearby fire extinguisher. Thankfully, nobody was hurt, but smoke damage is left behind.

A Space Heater Ignites Flammable Bed Sheets

Many homeowners use electric space heaters to heat bedrooms, living spaces, etc., but unfortunately, not everyone keeps a close eye on them when they’re being used. Imagine you fall asleep with a device on in your bedroom, a cover falls from the bed, and on top of it. The next thing you know, you’re awoken to flames. Quickly thinking, you run into the bathroom, fill the trash can and waste basket with water. Then, you extinguish the flames, but smoke damage is left behind.

If your home sustains smoke damage and you need assistance with the mitigation and cleanup call Dry Patrol for 24/7 emergency service, or to schedule a smoke damage restoration service, and our team will have things cleaned up in no time. You don’t have to take on such an overwhelming process alone.

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