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How Your Basement Could Get Filled To The Brim With Water

April 21, 2022 | Water Damage

How Your Basement Could Get Filled To The Brim With Water

Many houses in the southern United States do not have basements. Meanwhile, in other places, like homes located in the tornado alley, they have these rooms, but they’re often referred to as storm cellars. But, then, there are the cities and towns up north. It often seems like every residence within them has a basement. The point is that some places have these rooms while others do not.

If you have a Columbus, OH, home with a basement, that’s good news. You could have the spot remodeled, turning it into a bedroom, bathroom, game room, or something else. Or how about storage? Do you need more space for that? If that’s the case, install shelves downstairs and begin moving belongings immediately. Take the time to create an organizational system. Then, you won’t have any problems retrieving items later on.

Before getting too far along, be sure to waterproof the basement. After all, the last thing you need is for water to get inside the room and cause you grief. However, just know that our water extraction company is only a phone call away if that does happen. We offer emergency, residential, and commercial services, so give us a call when something arises. The team will take care of the excess liquid and get everything nice and dry again. Now, let’s look at some common ways basements get flooded.

Rain, Rain, And More Rain

When the sky turns black, thunder cracks, and lightning dashes across the sky, that almost always says something bad is on its way. However, if the issue is inches and inches of rain falling from the sky, the streets in your neighborhood could quickly begin to flood. Soon, the water could creep into your yard and begin seeping through mortar joints between bricks. Not only that, but the liquid could even pour through the basement window. Rain is definitely a dilemma that can leave your cellar full to the brim with H2O.

A Busted Water Pipe

Most houses have running water these days. Thus, there’s a good chance there are pipes underneath your structure. They supply water to the fixtures within the home: washing machines, toilets, sink faucets, etc. If one of these pieces happens to bust beneath the house, the basement could become filled in the blink of an eye. That is especially true if nobody knows about the issue because they won’t turn the water off to the house. Instead, it will just continue to dump under the house, filling the basement along the way.

Some Final Thoughts…

These are only two ways your basement could get flooded, but there are many others. Regardless of what happens, if your basement now resembles a swimming pool, don’t let the situation cause you to feel stressed and overwhelmed. Rather, contact Dry Patrol for basement water extraction and dry out and obtain your free estimate today. And, did we mention, our company bills directly to the insurance. It’s all about making everything as easy as possible on you, the consumer. So give us a call whenever you need us, and we’ll be there to get that pesky water out of your basement.

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